Therapy For Your Mind

Contrary to popular belief that people who undergo therapy are crazy, well the truth is almost everybody needs it. And no, just because you are going through therapy, does not mean you are mentally ill at all. If anything, you are actually doing a wise call to prevent yourself from going crazy. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you have a scheduled with a therapist because that is for the benefit of your mind, your brain and your whole body. Remember that in order to have a healthy functioning body, you must have a healthy brain.

Here are the things that usually happen during therapy and why it is good for you.

  • Questions About Your Childhood- If it is your first visit, your therapist will ask you something about your past especially on how you have spent your childhood years. Why? Because your childhood affects who you are today in so many ways. If you have live your childhood days living in fear and being abused, then that will cascade a lot of unpleasant things in your mind as you grow older. Once the therapist determines that, it would easy for him or her to handle you.
  • Your Lifestyle- You will have to tell your therapist your lifestyle and what you do for a living. That contributes a lot as well when it comes to the health of your brain. If you have a very stressful work and you can’t seem to stop yourself from working, then you must learn how to pause and take a break before your brain bursts out and completely be burned out. That is also something that your therapist would advice you, only they could be specific on the activities that you could do depending on your personality.
  • Honesty- In everything you do, be honest. You must tell your therapist the truth about your life so he or she could determine exactly what to do to you. Although even if you lie, these are trained individuals and they could detect if you are telling the truth or not so might as well give them the truth.
  • Breathing Room- Your therapy session could be your breathing room. You could voice out whatever it is that frustrates you, especially if you are someone who does not exactly have friends because you have trust issues. It is okay because the good news is, you can tell everything to your therapist.

Basically, therapists are there for you to have someone to talk to that you could trust. They won’t betray you because that would go against their professionalism. You will be signing a contract with them regarding therapist and patient confidentiality, so anything that would go out of that room, they could actually be in trouble. So trust that your worries and your secrets are safe. Once in a while you will need someone to talk to so you could unload your burden, you can do that with a therapist if real friends are not around.

Written by Tessa Mercado