The 4 Types Of Sounds That Is Healthy For Your Mind

If you want to have a more productive day, do you know that playing the right kind of music will help you? There are lots of things relevant when it comes to frequency and vibrations these days and more and more people are beginning to see their significance in the way people think and function in their everyday living.

And yes, music and sounds are products of frequencies and vibrations. If you don’t have the right sounds transmitting to your brain, then that affects your productivity in so many levels. Ever wonder why it is not exactly ideal to listen to rock and heavy metal music when you are trying to pass a bar exam? It is because of the fact that it produces more irregular vibrations that confuses the neurons in your brain and would eventually make you lose your focus. Here are the most suggest sounds and music that you must have on your playlist if you are trying to finish a lot of things in one day.

  • Classical Music– According to graduates and professors of Music Therapy, classical music has this regular frequencies going on that enhances your mind to be able to remember the things that you read and write. You can easily focus and memorize things with it.
  • Binaural Beats- These are beats that stimulate your mind to relax and focus. There are many different types of binaural beats so make sure that you use the one for focus and studying. Find a binaural called The Dive and you will be able to focus. Any binaural that goes 8hz to 18 hz will keep you focus. You will be amazed on the effect of this one.
  • Chill Out Sounds- You will be able to find these kinds of music on the chill out genre or new age. So many music out there that falls in this category like the music of Enya. This will calm your mind and ease your body, resulting to a more productive day at work.
  • Sound of the Ocean- There are recorded materials online and even from traditional CDs that feature the sound of the ocean. You will be surprised to actually find out how expensive they are because they really work. But once you try them, you will say that they are worth your money.

We all know how the usual ballad and slow songs could be soothing right? But the truth is, they just put your in trance and could even make you remember deep emotions that won’t be good for your focus. Notice that if you listen to sad songs, even if you’re not really sad you become sad. That’s the effect of the frequencies and vibrations that are found in those kinds of music. And some would argue that those are not true, but it is very observable and evident in real life situations. The next time you want to focus on a project, try these four sounds that could help and you will sure be zoned in.

Written by Tessa Mercado