Stress and Memory Development

Contrary to popular belief that stress only affects the emotions and does not have anything to do with the capacity of the brain to learn and improve memory comes enough observations and evidence that with too much stress comes the sudden decrease of memory as well as the reduction of learning.

Everywhere and almost anything that is done these days often involve a certain kind of stress and not being able to handle the level of stress that is experienced often lead to more complicated issues and health concerns including the deterioration of the brain cells making memory and learning very much affected.

How stress destroys the brain

Stress is often associated with emotions but there is more to it than what is conceived to be as it is largely related to the functioning of the brain as it is significantly associated to the hippocampus.

Studies have deemed that when stress is ill handled the hippocampus, which is in charge of the development of new memories and the recovery of old memories, starts to deteriorate and the damage would greatly affect the function of the brain in terms of learning and recalling the memories that should have been stored in the brain.

Anxiety and depression also affect memory

Other stress related conditions like anxiety and depression are also deemed to decrease the chances for the brain to function at optimal levels as this decrease the brain’s capacity to work at normal condition since most who are either anxious or depressed have a hard time to concentrate as well as to recall and remember information.

Those who suffer from anxiety and depression are also known to be mentally sluggish and because of this many who suffer from find it very difficult to work on brain activities like getting through memory improvements like learning new things and recalling previous information that is supposed to be stored in the brain.

How stress must be handled

In order to decrease the circumstances that lead stress to destroy the brain cells, a lot has been revealed regarding the direct aid and improvement of brain function when meditation is practiced on a regular basis.

The ability of meditation to improve brain function comes from the ideal that it helps to increase concentration, focus as well as learning and memory, and with this process stresses and other conditions that come with it like high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression are decreased making it a much easier task keep the brain functioning at optimum level.

Studies in fact have already provided evidence that through regular meditation the brain, particularly the left prefrontal cortex increases in activity level, which reveals that bliss and calmness is reached making it an excellent condition to be able to learn more and keep memory intact.

Aside from these it is also notable that through meditation the functions of the brain cells becomes more active and the connection between each is well improved making it very useful when in the process of learning as well as memory enhancement.

Written by Tessa Mercado