Signs Of Depression

Depression is a real issue and it is not a joke. Lots of people are going through it and unfortunately, others could even die from it. The recent death of Hollywood comedian Robin Williams is one example that this issue is not something to neglect or not pay attention to. You only have one brain, so you better take care of it and do everything to get yourself out of depression. But first, you must know the signs and symptoms of depression so you can be aware of how to get yourself out of it.

Extreme Emotions- When you feel sad to the point of crying your lungs out and then all of a sudden you are happy that you want to throw a party out of the blue, you should be aware that it is not exactly a normal thing to experience. It is usual for people to be sad and happy of course, but if they are doing things in extreme measures, then that is no longer healthy.

Eating Habits-  You would either not have the appetite to eat or totally binge on food. It depends on people’s personality and it is a case-to-case basis, but nevertheless your weight will be affected and it could be evident immediately.

Weight Changes– Since your eating habits won’t be normal; you will also notice a huge drop on your weight or a huge gain.

Sleep– It is either you will have so many sleepless nights or you will just sleep a lot. If you saw the movie Sex In The City Part 1, you will notice that Carrie just wants to sleep for straight 48 hours when they reached Mexico since her marriage was botched? Watch for those signs if you are the type who is not exactly insomniac. Although most of the time, the common sign is not being able to sleep.

Irritability– Anything will tick you off so easily even if it is really not something that you should be ticked off. Like the sound of the birds or the blowing of the wind could make you easily mad.

Anti-social– The thought of isolating yourself is always on your mind that you really even make it a point to do everything just so you won’t have to deal with people. Get some help before you even reach this point.

Once you see one or two of these signs in your life, there is a possibility that you are already experiencing depression. Go find a friend and ask for help and not dwell on your depressing situation. You can also find a therapist who would be able to trace the roots of why you are depressed. That is something that needs to be done and you have to do it immediately before it is too late. Now it doesn’t mean you are crazy. It just means that you need to take care of mind as well, especially this time that it needs healing. You can always find a good therapist in your area.

Written by Tessa Mercado