How To Keep Your Brain Healthy?

Just like your body, your brain needs nourishment. It has muscles too that needs to be exercised.  Everyday, your brain is being used because you work, you study and you play. Each time you activities, your brain does not stop from working. That said, you must feed it and take care of it so it won’t be abused and give up just because you didn’t pay attention to its needs. Here are some things that would help in maintaining a healthy brain.

  • Meditation– It has been an ancient practice and tradition among wise men to sit in one corner as they silence their mind and do nothing. It is not exactly a religious activity that only if you are a Buddhist should you do it. It doesn’t matter what faith you have, your mind deserves to be relaxed. So pop in some binaural sounds or meditation music on your headset, and get away from the world for at least 30 minutes to an hour to recharge your mind. Once again, it is not exactly a ritual that will make you lose your faith in whoever your God is. Trust that after it, you will also feel refreshed.
  • Eating Legumes– Do you know that legumes like nuts are healthy for your brain. It is a brain stimulant, so you can be sure that the muscles and the cells involves in your brain are fed well whenever you pack your body with it. Instead of eating junk foods, which don’t do anything good for your body at all, keep a bowl of nuts like pistachio, raisins and even some green peas to make your brain healthy. If your brain is fed well, you can expect that your body will be well too. It all starts in your head.
  • Avoid Stress– No matter what you do, avoid stress at all cause. Stressing yourself could cause the nerves to burst and it is not even exaggerating. If you continue to stress yourself with so much things, you will experience headache and confusion. These are the things that indicate that your brain is no longer in a good condition. So make it a point to do whatever it takes for you not to be stressed out. It is going to be for your own sake.
  • Get Some Sleep– Never overwork and skip sleep because that is not going to be good for your brain in any way. Make sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day. Take some naps too in between the day, that’s why you have break times from work, so that you won’t get burned out. It will not make you productive at all if you continue without napping or sleeping at the right hours of the night.

We hope that these reminders help you when it comes to taking care on one of the most vital and sensitive organs of your body. Don’t take this for granted because the little things matter and could go a long way to have a healthy brain.

Written by Tessa Mercado