How Relationships Help Enhance Memory

Despite the immediate realization that memory enhancement is a very serious subject that also needs very serious steps and tips for improvements to be reached, enough studies and research have revealed otherwise, detailing that it is not merely being involved with direct brain and memory activities that can help to increase potential but also through other common tasks.

Although not many would feel the contribution of social relationships to the task of improving memory, enough research has revealed otherwise, as better brain functions as well as an increase of memory has been associated to the ability of each individual to be involved with others at different aspects of their lives.

Is socializing really a memory enhancer?

As human beings it is but normal for most to feel the need to survive and live fully when healthy relationships are built among each other especially since men and women are deemed to be very social beings that thrive better in surroundings that are set up as a society.

Not only are each individual emotionally and socially developed under these circumstances but further results have proven that even the mental functioning of people is highly increased when left to deal with others as different types of information is passed on from one individual to another.

Brains are Exercised Well through Socialization

As people come together whether at work, in school or in situations that are far less formal like at the mall or convenience store, the task of improving relationships and socializing with all the different people encountered is always present.

In these situations it is but normal to converse and in the long haul be able to achieve an enriching and well learned memory not just from the task that needs to be fulfilled but also directly from the person you have interacted with – along the way an indirect instance that revealed additional information that exercised the brain.

Studies have Proven Memory Enhancement with Relationships

Personal and emotional health have been proven to be directly improved when in a healthy relationship but little do people know that it is not only emotions and socializing that gets better with relationships but also brain function.

In a research done at Harvard, it was revealed that memory functions were very stable and maintained in individuals who had very active social lives as these people had memories that were sharp and it took more time for them to decline the information that they obtained compared to those who lacked social relationships with others.

Ways Relationships Make Memory Fuller

There are generally a lot of relationships and social groups that can help to improve brain and memory as most would have their family and friends on the top of their list of people to socialize with but for those who find it difficult to be socially inclined there are other ways to consider.

Joining a sport, a local volunteer center or even finding a pet is already enough to boost for an increased social capacity as well as increase memory and information that is sustained and remembered by the brain for in the long run.

Written by Tessa Mercado