Can You Reverse Aging with The Help of HGH Supplements?


Growth in the human body is controlled by the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland which is located in the brain. It is believed that production of this growth hormone declines as an individual age by almost 20% every 10 years. Thus, a 20- year -old has 20% less growth hormone than a baby and the decline continues to old age. The growth hormone is responsible for various body functions like regulation of body metabolism particularly fat and sugar, regulation of body composition and body fluids, bone and muscle growth, and normal functioning of the heart all of which are required to remain young and youthful.

The slowdown in the production of growth hormone as one age has prompted the introduction of synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) administered through an injection mainly to aging people. The production and sell of HGH pills, injections or drops is a billion dollar industry with the main manufacturers convincing the older generation that a daily dose can make one look and feel 10 years younger. Truth is, HGH functions in various ways believed to restore youthful look and feel including:

· Increased body mass and bone density

· Increased energy levels thus increasing the capacity to exercise

· Decrease in body fat and fat reserves

· Faster growth of both hair and nails

· Increased sex drive and libido

· Smoother baby –like skin

· Faster energy recovery particularly after intense physical activity

Thus to answer the question is HGH effective for anti-aging? The answer is yes. Although no study has been done to prove the correlation between the use of HGH and aging, the observable effects can help us lead to the conclusion that HGH is indeed effective as an anti-aging product. The ability of the body to restore its body mass, bones, energy levels and renew skin is what makes one feel younger. In one study conducted by a Californian University, indicated that men above 69 years old who used HGH over a 52 week period shed estimated 4.6 pounds and gained the same amount of body mass, showed decreased cholesterol levels and higher aerobic capacity. Although the research was limited to about 200 men and women, it provides a solid foundation to conclude that HGH is effective in fighting aging.


Side effects

Like most prescription drugs, HGH is known to have negative consequences particularly for aging folks; it is no wonder is has been classified as a doping drug and banned in many sports. Some of the most noticeable side effects include:

· Increased risk for prostate cancer

· Increased risk for diabetes

· Increased swelling and joint pain

· Carpal tunnel syndrome

· Resistance to insulin

· Leads to acromegaly condition

Thus, while HGH may make you look and feel younger, the risks associated should make you have a second though before injecting it into your body. In any case, most of the positive effects of HGH can be achieved by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.The exposure to these conditions can reduce an individuals lifespan by up to 20 years considering that aging in itself is a risk factor. This does not imply that it is okay for younger generations to use HGH. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to use HGH lies in the ability to weigh the benefits and consequences and make an informed choice.



Written by Tessa Mercado